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Word From the Chairman Eng. Sherif Helmy

since 2005 perfecting swimming pools has made ocean pools a brand that makes your home special during this course of time ocean pools became a pioneer in terms of bringing into the Egyptian market the worlds trends and technology.
Ocean pools culture is centered on quality in design, working & finishing swimming pools; it is simply why these who had the taste of ocean pools can never look anywhere else.

We remain committed to have your best interest in mind and of making you the finest tastes, finishing of various pools’ styles under our umbrella to save you the hassle of going from one place to another and having to waste your time and energy and of course your money, while introducing to your firsthand what is original, new brand & modern in our market.

We aim to provide a touch of exclusivity to your life so that you can realize how special and important you are to us wishing you have a wonderful time into our trip of building your private pools and hoping we have lived up to your standards.

We will always remain faithful to you and to our mission of making you the best pools as you certainly deserve the best.
After Many years of success ocean pools manager would like to thank all the clients and the employees who helped him becoming what he is today).
Where ocean pools became the trendiest guide that you can rely on building your dream pool and the latest pools designs of the world.

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